Our Lady Of Mount Carmel Lacken

Lacken Church History

Lacken church stands picturesquely in a beautiful and tranquil setting on the shore of Blessington Lake. The church was built in 1811, 18 years before Daniel O Connell secured Catholic Emancipation in the House of Commons.

The land was donated by Charles Cobbe, a local landlord who owned a substantial estate in the Donabate area where Newbridge House stands today. This land comprising 2 acres 30 perches was given rent free and lease free.

Fr Michael Keogan PP Blackditches 1810-1826 made the initial steps to build the church,  replacing a previous small chapel at Woodend. In 1882 Fr Edward Rowan dedicated the church to Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

The gold chalice used at Mass is inscribed 1802 and was presented to the church in memory of Judith Healy. It had been used in the chapel at Woodend and before that at Kylebeg.

The Baptismal Font dates back to 1441 and came from an early church in Templeboden cemetery. Bishop Boden is said to be buried under a slab in the graveyard. The granite trough in the church grounds is a replica of a trough from St Boden's Well.

Lacken Church has a unique and rich history and we owe much to the community who in the 1800's built this church as a witness to their faith.